Pubblicato da: apicio | dicembre 5, 2008

Paradroid v0.4


Il coder Okachobi ha rilasciato una nuova versione del suo porting del famoso gioco del Commodore 64 per Nintendo Wii. Questa nuova versione viene con un corposo changelog:

    • I believe the final major crash bug has been fixed
    • No longer alpha! Ready for inclusion in homebrew browser.
  • Changes in v0.4
    • Yellow and Red Alerts no longer continuously contribute to your score.
      • This was a feature of SDL Paradroid, but not the original C=64 Paradroid. It caused an issue where the backlog of points tricked the game into believing you were on a continuous rampage and never lowered the alert states since it detected a killing spree by looking at the score backlog. This may have worked ok on the PC, but its possible that when I changed the frame-rate timing method that it broke the timing that made this work. It was a good feature in SDL Paradroid, but at least for now its gone.
      • Now Yellow and Red Alerts will give bonuses for all bots destroyed or overtaken
    • Bugs fixed around actual number of levels and macros that defined max levels – I *believe* this was causing the crashes by overrunning buffers (this wasn’t an issue in Paradroid SDL because it statically allocated the level array to the max allowed levels and not the available ship levels. When I changed this code to do dynamic allocations this apparently caused this issue)
    • Memory leaks found and fixed
    • Birds-eye view map offsets fixed
    • Scoreboard should be fully functional
    • Boundary checks added for level array to prevent bad x/y coords from crashing game- though I think this might have been caused by the level mismatch bug


Scaricatelo da QUI.



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