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Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.11


Il coder Hell Hibuo ha rilasciato una nuova versione del suo eccezionale launcher di Homebrew che potrebbe ormai essere una validissima alternativa all’HBC dei Twiizers. Infatti questo canale permette di caricare homebrew da SD/DVD/SMB/Connessione TCP-IP (Wiiload) ed SD-Gecko . Con questa nuova versione sono state aggiunte e migliorate tante cose, come il caricamento da SD/DVD, il supporto a Wiiload e tantissime altre cosucce.

Ecco il changelog tradotto in Inglese dal Francese con Google Trasnaltor

– Use the Power button works properly.
– Fix a bug in the string ‘Wii Channels’ in
using a theme.
– Other changes images of the main theme by Cashman.
– Added display of error messages.
– Added parameter ColorMessageBox to define the text color
error messages.
– Added file MsgBox.png / bmp and Dir.png / bmp in the themes.
– Add variables Press, InvalidExe, ReceptInProgress, ConnexionError
nofilesfound and in the translation file (LANG.INI).
– Add support for wiiload (DOL send a file or ELF TCP / IP).
– The opportunity to extinguish Wii with the power button of the Wiimote.
– Fix a bug displaying several times when certain channels
we move to the next screen.
– Trie chains Wii (Wiiwaire strings and VC appear first,
in the next several versions are displayed side by side).
– Adding a ‘Lite mode using the ISO9 and accessible from DVD
‘Autoboot’, certain functions are disabled in this mode.
– Acceleration readings from SD cards.
– Improving access time of the DVD by using buffers.
– The use of USB-flash works.
– Other changes in the management of front-SD, SD-gecko and USB-flash.
– Ability to sub-folders to sort the homebrew and
Roma (max. 8 nested subfolders).
– Ability to assign icons to sub-directories by putting a
title.png file or title.bmp (132×95 pixels).
– The Software $ characters appear correctly in chains
using names of folders and files.
– Ability to use icons with a dimenssions less 132×95
and icons’ slideshoot ‘in the chain Emulators.
– Some changes in the parametres of passage homberews.
– No need to press (1) or (Z) to reach the last homebrew
DVD (it is possible to select a string in the 1st screen even if
loading is not finished).
– Various internal changes.


All’interno dell’archivio c’è anche qualche applicazione e il file WAD per installarlo come canale tramite Wad Manager.

Scaricatelo da QUI.



  1. …non so voi ma alla mia wii è molto lento come canale…

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