Pubblicato da: apicio | settembre 26, 2008

Paradroid Alpha 25/09/08


Il coder Okachobi ha rilasciato una nuova versione del porting del famoso gioco per Commodore 64 Paradroid su Nintendo Wii. Il concetto è avanzare e sparare.

Ecco il changelog:

  • 9/25 – Updated preview (alpha) release
    • Fixed
      • Explosion graphics now work (libFAT issue with long filenames)
      • Memory usage significantly reduced
      • Performance improved considerably
      • Frame rendering code changes
      • Level properly dims after cleared (also libFAT-related)
      • More logging added (logfile may grow faster as a result)
      • Distribution zip size reduced
    • Known Issues
      • Sound disabled purposely – will start working on it soon
      • Top down map on consoles not functioning yet
      • Red/Yellow/Green Alerts not properly resetting- points continuously increase after Red Alert
      • Collisions seem wonky – droids get stuck – need to check if I introduced this bug
      • Impossible to input scoreboard entries
      • Scoreboard file apparently has byte order issue


Scaricatelo da QUI.



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