Pubblicato da: apicio | settembre 13, 2008

WiiScrubber per MacOSx e Linux

Il coder SukkoPera di rilasciò tempo addietro una fantastica (e funzionante soprattutto) versione di WiiScrubber chiamato WiiScrubber NG. In pratica questo programma è basato su WiiScrubber 1.31 FINAL FINAL ma è portato per GNU/Linux e MacOSx, per la gioia dei geek. 😛

This program is a quick’n’dirty port of the famous “WiiScrubber” Windows application to UNIX. Contrary to the Windows version, this one is command-line only, and only has less features, but it will improve, eventually reaching the same number of features of the Windows version.
The exact purpose of this program is, quoting the original one, to find out where in the disc image the data is and change the rest of the data to 0xFF. This allows compression programs to then compress the image and get a size much smaller than without using the program.
This program has not been tested thoroughly, so I cannot guarantee proper functionality. I’ve tried on quite a few files, checking the files that are then extracted and all seems correct. But no 100% guarantees can be made that the cleaned ISO will work. There is always the potential that Nintendo will start checking for these sort of changes in a firmware update. Just be aware.
The WiiScrubber version this program is based on is 1.31 FINAL FINAL, hence the “unusual” version this program has. The supported operating systems, at the moment, are GNU/Linux and MacOS X.
This port has been possible as Dack, the original author of WiiScrubber, has released the sources to his program.


Scaricatelo da QUI.

Bellallì Sukko.



  1. My brother recommended I might like this blog.

    He was totally right. This post actually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!


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