Pubblicato da: apicio | settembre 10, 2008

WiiDoom 0.2

Il coder Steve Corey ha rilasciato una nuova versione del suo porting per il famoso gioco Doom. Usando questo porting e i file necessari per il gioco presi dalla vostra copia originale di Doom, potrete giocare sulla vostra Wii.

Ecco il changelog:

I’ve finalized all changes to WiiDoom, and can’t hold it back any longer. We’ve gotten a LOT of stuff smoothed out, including sound, brightness, and oh yeah… IR TURNING. This is quite an update, so download it now! Here’s the full changelog:
— Version 0.2 —
[NEW] Remapped Wii controls to joystick handling code
[FIXED] Control stick no longer stalls
[NEW] Joystick code extended to handle nearly all currently supported device inputs
[NEW] IR controls partly implemented
[FIXED] Menu navigation made consistent with Wii titles
[FIXED] Audio now plays at correct pitch
[FIXED] Brightness/Gamma set to low value
[NEW] Framerate uncapped
[NEW] Weapon switching via Left/Right on D-pad
[CHANGED] IR is now linear


Scaricatelo da QUI.



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