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ScummVM 0.12.0

Il team di ScummVM ha rilasciato una nuova versione del loro noto emulatore per Nintendo Wii. Anche in questo caso ci troviamo di fronte ad un changelog molto succoso:

0.12.0 (2008-08-31)
 New Games:
   - Added support for The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Two: Hand of Fate.
   - Added support for The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge.
   - Added support for Lost in Time.
   - Added support for The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble.
   - Added support for the PC version of Waxworks.
   - Added support for the Macintosh version of I Have no Mouth, and I
     must Scream.
   - Added support for Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back.
   - Added CAMD MIDI driver for AmigaOS4.
   - Revived the PS2 port (was already in 0.11.1 but was forgotten in the
     release notes).
   - Plugged numerous memory leaks in all engines (part of GSoC'08 task),
   - Added audio double buffering to the SDL backend, which fixes the 
     problems with the MT-32 emulator on Mac OS X (for now only enabled
     on Mac OS X).

   - Fixed crashes during certain music in Amiga versions of Elvira 1 and
     Simon the Sorcerer 1.
   - Fixed palette issues in Amiga versions of Simon the Sorcerer 1.

   - Speech is played at the correct sample rate. (It used to be pitched a bit
     too low.)

   - Rewrote parts of Digital iMUSE, fixing some bugs.
   - Rewrote the internal timer code, fixing some speed issues in e.g. COMI.
   - Improved support for sound effects in Amiga version of Zak McKracken.
   - Added support for mixed Adlib/MIDI mode in Monkey Island 1 (Floppy).


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