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Tutta la verità sul region changer di Waninkoko

Sono direttamente Marcan e Bushing a bacchettare Waninkoko per il suo scorrettissimo uso delle informazioni fornitegli dai due hacker sopra citato.

Come avevo già accennato (ed i miei sospetti si sono rivelati PIU’ che fondati) il noto hacker spagnolo Waninkoko ha creato un vero e proprio semi-bricker, se non per dire un bricker.

Il problema è che il suo tool non fa altro che modificare il file settings.txt senza alcuna altra precauzione, mentre si dovrebbe fare per prima quello, poi installare il menù che si desidera ed infine cancellare i canali esistenti per installare quelli della regione scelta. Ovviamente Waninikoko non ha fatto nessuna delle ultime 2 cose.

Ecco cosa ci giunge dal post di EloTrolado di Marcan:

Bushing and I had been time thinking about making a program to change the region of a Wii. We know what is required to change the region of a console:
* To publish setting.txt to modify the region of the console
* To install the menu of the corresponding system
* To erase all the “internal” channels that correspond to a region and to install them of the other
The complicated part but is second, since to install a system menu (in particular, if the version is smaller, which by technical reasons takes place during certain changes of region) it is a quite dangerous action. We have had the idea in mind enough time more or less parked, hoping to that we had some safe form to realise it.
Waninkoko released a utility to install different versions from the menu of the system (downgrader). The interesting thing of this is that it does by means of a IOS patch, consequently the installation is more or less equivalent to an update and equal of safe. This corresponds to the second part of the list. We knew how to realise first, which is relatively easy (if you know to do it). Waninkoko already knows to do third. Therefore, and as Waninkoko already had 90% of the work done (in the form of the Downgrader), bushing commented the one to him of setting.txt and it said to him that it would be well incorporating it in the Downgrader, to be able to turn it into a changer of regions.
Today he leaves downgrader, and I go all I content to post, commenting that now we are collaborating (something) with Waninkoko, contentment of which we have given a good idea him and that all we have saved time of this form. Then, they begin to appear the news of semibricks. , clearly, it is strange to me, and my first reaction (and the one of bushing) it was to ask to us how it is this possible one. Surprise goes ours when we lowered the region changer and we were with the following thing: the region changer only changes setting.txt.
Still more dissapointing it is the content of the README:


Originally Posted by Waninkoko
This application allows to completely change the region you of your Wii console.

This application is semibrick guaranteed for it uses whatever it without of some form to imagine that also it must change the menu of the system by other means. , Still worse certain semibricks combined with certain other actions ends at total brick, non-recoverable.
Waninkoko knows perfectly that this utility is only one third part of the process to change of region. It was released in this form, without explanations, and giving to understand that it is a complete changer of region? I am going to assume that it is not by maliciousness, so the unique conclusion that I have left is that he is an irresponsible one and it does not think before making the things. Our intention when commenting to him the one of setting.txt was it incorporated that it in its Downgrader, and thus bushing was said to it explicitly. To change setting.txt they are a few lines of code – as much for as for us. It makes this application would have cost to us less (we know setting.txt better), but the combination with a installer of the menu of the system rather more. That already had Waninkoko fact. Instead of to add the code of setting.txt and to document it all a little, which had supposed a work more or less reduced (and to do rather more the same), it has removed only one part from the process, express and evil. The idea was to reduce the necessary work for all, and in his place has been the opposite, besides a dangerous utility. And he is not because him the one has not been happened to integrate it, because in fact bushing said to him it did that it of that form.
It is the history of the FS to dumper again. At the time, I said to him to Waninkoko how to dumpear all the Flash by archives. The result was the FS Dumper and the beginning of the piracy of VC, on which already I warned to him. In fact, I asked to him that it at least did not remove until being able to speak it a little but with, and ignored to me saying that “nobody will know how to use the archives of the FS to piratear CB games”. All we know what happened just after it left. Assuming that was not a deliberate act in favor of the piracy (and reason why there is this Waninkoko, by prevailed and publicly, was not it), then it was another act of irresponsibility. Users pro-piracy: to abstain to defend to him for that reason (and to return to discuss on the piracy). He has said publicly that it was an error.
And therefore, although he weighs to me, up to here we have arrived. From now on, we are not going to give any type of information to Waninkoko. But not because it falls to us bad, or because we want to remove to the things to take the “fame to us”, but because Waninkoko has demonstrated to us that it is not possible to be trusted to release safe applications and with a minimum documentation. The things fast and without thinking, and that is indeed what cannot be done Waninkoko does. We have made a second attempt, and has returned to pass the same, so there will be no a third party.


Da adessi in poi quindi i Twiizers non condivideranno più nessuna informazione con Waninkoko che, sappiamo è un ottimo hacker, ma si è dimostrato più volte una persona prima di qualsiasi responsabilità verso le “sue” creazioni.



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