Pubblicato da: apicio | luglio 31, 2008

Released: Queen Bee v0.5 – Editor di canzoni per Guitar Hero 3 & Aerosmith


Il coder Nanook fanatico di Guitar Hero ha aggiornato l’applicazione ormai già famosa Queen Bee che ci permette di modificare a piacimento le canzoni di Guitar Hero 3 ed Aerosmith. Questa nuova versione aggiunge il supporto ai giochi per PC, Ps2 e Wii. Ora ha aggiunto anche il supporto per XboX.

Ecco il changelog:

– Supports Wii / PS2 / PC files.
– Edits a PAK’s QB file in memory (No Import / Export required)
– Import / Export / Export All functionality for PAK files.
– Supports all internal QB structures contained in Guitar Hero 3 / Aerosmith / Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground and Downhill Jam (qb.pak.ngc).
– All items are editable including increasing the size of text and script items.
– Debug files are supported to help describe the QB file structures.
– QB files are Bit perfect if loaded and saved without changes even though the file has been broken down and fully rebuilt.
– Saves and Restores settings
– Search Facility (String & QB Key)
What’s New?
– Added: XBox Support.
– Added: Script Uncompression / Compression.
– Added: Script Editor Panel, displays hex as well as found strings in the script hex.
– Added: String search searches for strings within scripts.
– Added: Search filter context menu. Right-click search results and select an item from the menu.
– Added: Array Editor Panel.
– Added: QB Keys can now be edited using the debug string text or crc.
– Added: New QB key strings are saved to a file named ‘
.UserDbg’ so they are not lost on reload.
– Added: New QB keys are tested to ensure they do not have the same CRC as an existing debug CRC.
– Added: Ability to search for QB Keys with text as well as hex.
– Added: Hourglass pointer to Load PAK and Searches.
– Changed: Item QB Keys are now editable.
– Changed: Item QB Key now shown at the top of the generic edit list (if present).
– Changed: Integer data types are now displayed as signed int as default.
– Changed: Items that don’t have QB Keys no longer have an item displaying ‘00000000’.
– Changed: Status bar to show PAB info (if available)
– Changed: ‘Vector’ datatype name to ‘Floats’
– Changed: Section, Array and StructItem ‘Vector’ datatype name to ‘FloatsX2’
– Changed: Section, Array and StructItem ‘Vector3d’ datatype name to ‘FloatsX3’
– Changed: Rewrote internal state loading and saving.
– Changed: Rewrote the help pages.
– Fixed: Flickering bug when moving between QB items.
– Fixed: ‘Extract All…’ no longer displays a success message when the folder dialog was cancelled.
– Fixed: ‘Extract File…’ and ‘Replace File…’ now only save the path to the .config file.


Download effettuabile da QUI



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